Research Focus

Our research is aimed at global activism designed promote the advancement of women and girls. We advocate the intelligent use of information to aid in the transformative process of many aspects of society such as health and educational systems and political arenas.


    Distribution of a weekly newsletter. We send women's sociopolitical news to groups such as NOW, WEEA, AAUW, Women's Legal Defense Fund and human right's groups in the USA, South Africa, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brazil, Chile, Sri Lanka, India and others. We also distribute information to universities and interested individuals as a free service. Just sign up.

Collection of educational materials which are free and downloadable for public use

Access to research tools for activists to get their own data

Research on the latest topics in gender equity which are published and/or presented at conferences worldwide

Selected Recent Publications and Presentations (12 months)
NOTE: Future Conference Schedule May Change

Chen, P. & Vogt, C. Internet Activism and the Women's Movement. UCLA Thinking Gender Conference, February 2001.

Chen, P. Sanchez, M., Vogt, C. & Womack, F. Technology, Gender and Social Activism. CIES Washington, DC March 2001.

Hagedorn, L., Womack, F., Vogt, C., Westebbe, S., Kealing, J." Women's Persistence in Higher Education". Encyclopedia of Women in Higher Education, (March, 2001)

Vogt, C., Chen, P., Womack, F., & Sanchez, M. "Using Prochaska's Model to Empower Teachers as Advocates of Fair and Equitable Educational Practices (2001). Manuscript submitted for publication.

Vogt, C. & Chen, P. "Feminisms" Postmodernism and Social Activism." Peace Review September 2001 Issue.

Chen, P., Vogt, C., & Sanchez, M. "Human Capital, Technology, The World Bank, Worldwide Information Technology Projects and Gender." University of Havana. November 2001.

Vogt, C. Gender, Technology and Multilateral Agencies. UCLA Thinking Gender Conference.Los Angeles,
March ,2002.

Women's Congressional Equality Action Summit Day -- National Council of Women's Organizations Washington, DC -- April 8-9, 2002.

Chen, P., Chan-Tiberghien, J., & Vogt, C. "Engendering Global Governance: the Role of the Internet in Fostering a Global Feminist Epistemic Network." Uganda Conference July, 2002.

Christina Vogt regularly speaks at Society of Women Engineers Campus Meetings.This semester she will be at UCLA, UCSD, UCSB and UCI. Her speech covers guidelines for women staying and excelling in engineering majors and computer science majors.