Technology, Gender, and Social Activism:

Several hundred web sites related to women's issues have flourished in the last decade; however, it is unknown to what extent these sites are capable of inducing change for women's equality. Therefore, the efficacy of the Internet as a tool for social activism is examined in three ways: Is the information being exchanged online effective in provoking action? What initiatives have been successfully launched? Finally, how do these web-based organizations remain afloat and retain members for sustained action? A questionnaire and follow-up interviews will be conducted to explore the effectiveness of Internet activism and its role in globalization. See our preliminary results by clicking here. NOTE: This does not include our analysis.

We Would Like to Acknowledge the Organizations' Who Have Participated Thus Far:

1. Global Center for Women

2. Equal Rights Advocates

3. National Council for Research on Women


5. 50 Years is Enough

6. Empower Program

7. Genderwatchers

8. Women in Higher Education

9. Media Watch

10. Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press

11. American Women's Business Association

12. Women's Internet Campaign

13. Women's Educational Equity Association

14. Family Violence Prevention Fund

15. Feminist Majority

16. Association for Women in Development (AWID)

17. Sisterhood is Global (SIGI)

18. Women's Caucus for Gender Justice

19. VAWA (Violence Against Women)

20. ICRW (International Council of Research on Women)