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We are feminist researchers who are concerned about the emergence of global capitalist economies. From our perspective, this rise of global capitalism has further widened the gap between rich and poor and has managed to further marginalize women and children. On the national front and due to the current government's conservative stance, women's well-being is being threatened by inadequate welfare reform measures, threats of privatization of our social security program and the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. Click here for the latest Globalization News.



It is a well-documented fact that approximately 360 people have half the world's wealth. We believe this is criminal considering that the bottom band of individuals is at approximately 20% and this number is continuing to grow. The people in this group barely have enough to eat, cannot access medical care and will never have opportunities for the type of education which would further advance their livelihood. To witness this, one need not look to the third, fourth or fifth worlds. Millions of these people live in the US. For a summary of global stats for women, click here.



Although the many believe that this new model of global development will enrich the lives of those living in marginalized countries, we remain skeptical. While this may be true for some, it is not true for most. We do not see improvement in the lives of many of the world's middle or lower classes. Although we understand that fighting global exploitation and corruption are large undertakings, we believe that with information, we may collectively combat this spreading tragedy. Globally, we are in a time of turmoil; the world is in need of activists. Consequently, our site is meant to be used as a self-help resource for those who want to acquire resources or contact organizations for initiating and enhancing activist agendas.

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