Education Equity Initiatives

  • American Association of University Women


  • Girl Site
  • Equity Assistance Centers (Title IV) -- University of Michigan

  • The GDI is an institute within Education Development Center, Newton, MA
  • List of Equity Resources -- Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

  • Myra Sadker Associates

  • National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education

  • Network of Educators of the Americas (NECA)

  • The Schott Foundation
  • WEEA Equity Resource Center (Equity Online) and LISTSERV: EDEQUITY online

  • WIGSAT - Women in Global Science and and Technology

Women’s Studies

  • Academic Feminists and the Women's Movement

  • Feminist Activist Resources on the Net

  • Feminism and Women's Issues Page

  • Feminist Theory

  • Syllabi on the Web for Women (

  • The Center for the Education of Women

  • Theory (Gender Education)

  • Universtiy of Wisconsin Women's Studies Forum

  • Voice of the Shuttle: Gender Studies Page

  • Wellesley Centers for Women
  • Women’s Studies Resources

  • Women & Gender Studies in Latin America

  • Women’s Studies at York University

  • Women's Human Rights' Resources -- Feminist Theory Links

  • WSSLINKS Women and Gender Studies Web Sites



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