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OXFAM Has Compiled One Of The Best And Most Comprehensive Books On Globalization And Education. A Must Read At:

Gender Equity Lesson Plans for Teachers

Campbell-Kidler Associates Inc.

Gender Portrayal Teaching Lessons

Myra Sadker Organization

National Women's History Project

General Lesson Plan Databases
(search for gender lessons)





First Run/Icarus Films

Her Own Words

Human Rights' International Film Festival

Johns' Hopkins Public Health Videos

Media Watch

New Day Films

Curriculum and Teaching

Achieving Gender Equity in Science Classrooms -- A Guide for Faculty

Action Guide for Girls' Education

AAUW - Techsaavy Guide


Directory of On-line Learning Modules

Exploring Gender and Technology

Feminist Pedagogy

Education Development Center and WEEA

Fair Test -- National Center for Fair and Open Testing

Gender Awareness in Language Education

GenderWatchers -- Outline of Relevant Issues for Gender- Equity Teacher Training (Changing Teachers' Perspectives)

Guide to Surviving the Graduate School Experience

Guide to Surviving the Science Game in College

How Teaching Matters -- Bringing the Classroom Back Into Discussions of Teacher Quality

National Center for Curriculum Transformation Resources on Women

The S.E.E.D. Project on Inclusive Curriculum (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity)

University of Wisconsin Women in Science Program

Women in Education and Language Learning

Equity Resources

AAUW Links for Gender Equity


ETS Document -- Test Standards for Quality and Fairness

Fair Test -- National Center for Fair and Open Testing

Femina (a comprehensive search site)

List of Equity Resources -- Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

Gender Equity Links from Rice University -- Martha's Gender Equity Page

National Coalition of Education Activists (NCEA)

Network of Educators for the Americas

WEEA Equity Resource Center (Equity Online) and LISTSERV: EDEQUITY online

Arts and Humanities

American Women's History: A Research Guide

Canadian Women Artists (French and English)

Georgia O'Keefe Gallery

Guerilla Girls

National Museum of Women in the Arts

Varo Registry

Women Artists' Archive

Women in American History

Women in Computer Visual Arts, Effects and Animation

Women and Social Movements Website



Distinguished Women of Past and Present

Women in Mathematics


National Women's History Pages

Mary Lyons -- Founder of the Women's Higher Educational System

Media and Gender Stereotype

About Face

Gender and Race in Media:Cyberspace

Media Awareness

Self-image, Self-esteem, and Advertising


Ada Project Ellen Swallow Richards Collection


Design your Future Website


* GirlStart

* GirlTech

IEEE Links for Women in Science

Women and Computer Science

* lesson plans also available

Social Studies

National Women's Hall of Fame



Women's Sport Foundation






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