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Quick Start Guide to Gender Sites

BRIDGE is an analysis service for gender and development issues.

This site describes how the Bank promotes gender equality, summarizes experiences and knowledge and provides gender country profiles.

INSTRAW (UN International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women)
INSTRAW makes women's contributions to development more visible.

Inter-parliamentary Union
The Union dialogues on the importance participation of men and women in political life as it is told in american government essay topics

Searchable site containing over 350 leading global justice organisations.

UNDP Gender
United Nations Development Programme provides extensive range of on-line resources, including the UNDP Gender Beat.

UN Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW)
UN's activities for women.

WHD (Women's Health and Development)/WHO
Women's Health and Development (WHD) is committed to the integration of gender and human rights perspectives intoWHO's health research, policies and programmes.

Women's Human Rights
Special section of Human Rights Watch

Gateways to women's groups and news.

The UN Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women. Hosts a list of National Plans of Action and Strategies following the Beijing Conference.

  • American Civil Liberties Union

  • Amnesty International -- Women's Human Rights

  • An International Women's Human Rights' Organization (MADRE)

  • Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST)

  • Convention of the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

  • Equality Now

  • Equal Rights and Advocates

  • Feminist Interactive Radio Endeavor

  • 50 Years is Enough

  • Human Rights Internet

  • Institute for Development Studies

  • Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement

  • Oh, Brothers

  • The Center for Women's Global Leadership

  • The Electra Pages -- A Database of 9,000 Women's Organizations

  • Third World Network (TWN)

  • UN Human Rights

  • Women's Causus for Gender Justice

  • Women, Law and Development International

  • Association for Women In Development (AWID)

  • Business Women's Network

  • Equal Rights Advocates

  • Femina (a comprehensive search site)

  • Feminist.Com

  • Feminist Internet Gateway gatway.html

  • International Center for Research on Women

  • International Women's Health Coalition

  • League of Women Voters

  • MANA

  • Media Watch

  • National Committee on Pay Equity

  • National Council for Research on Women

  • National Council for Research on Women

  • NOW (National Organization of Women)

  • Profeminist

  • The Feminist Majority & Feminist Majority Foundation

  • The National Association for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)

  • The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

  • The Sexuality Information and Education COuncil of the US (SIECUS)

  • WIEGO -- Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing

  • WIGSAT - Women in Global Science and and Technology

  • Women’s EDGE

  • Women's Internet Information Network

  • Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press

  • Women’s Internet Campaign

  • YWCA

  • AAUW Educational Foundation

  • Carnegie Foundation

  • Ford Foundation

  • Global Fund for Women

  • Grantmakers Evaluation Network

  • Fundsnet (search engine)

  • NSF -- National Science Foundation

  • Pan Asia Networking

  • Spencer Foundation

  • The Women's Fund (TWF)

  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation

  • CIDA -- Canadian International Development Agency

  • CEDAW -- Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

  • DFID, Department for International Development -- Education Department

  • Euronet -- Fullmoon -- A WorldWide Directory

  • European Women Action

  • European Women's Lobby

  • FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization

  • GTZ (German Organization)

  • HIVOS (World Water Forum)

  • ICCO (Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation)

  • Network of East-West Women

  • Oxfam House, 274 Banbury

  • SIDA,107

  • Sisterhood is Global Institute

  • WHO -- The World Health Organization Headquarters Office in Geneva

  • Women's Rights in Finland

    • Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo

    • Centro Feminista de Informacion y Accion
    • CLADEM
    • Comite De America Latina Y El Caribe Para La Defensa De Los Derechos De La Mujer
    • Euronet -- Fullmoon -- A Worldwide Directory

    • Family Health International en Bolivia
    • Fempress
        • Fundacion Mujeres en Igualidad (M.E.I.)
        • Fundación para la Promoción y Desarrollo de la Mujer
            • Fundamind
            • Mujeres y Desarrollo (Women and Development)
            • Mujeres y Punto Agrupación Política Nacional
              • One World
              • Political History of the Americas
              • REPEM (Women's Popular Education Network
              • Servicio Paz y Justicia en América Latina - (SERPAJ-AL)
              • Sistema de Informacion Municipal Para la Mujer
                • Women and Gender in Latin America


                  • Women on the Net -- A Joint Partnership between SID and UNESCO
                            • The Global Alliance Against Traffic In Women (GAATW)

                            • APGEN Asia Pacific Gender Equality Network


                            • Euronet -- Fullmoon -- A Worldwide Directory


                            • Asian Women's Resource Exchange (AWORC)


                            • Japan International Cooperation Agency


                            • Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)


                            • SAWNET


                            • South Asia Resources


                            • Tiananmen Mothers' Campaign


                            • Third World Network -- (TWN)


                            • UNESCAP United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific


                            • African Gender Institute




                            • APC - Africa Women

                            • SANGONET


                            • Women's Net (South Africa)


                            • Arab Women Connect


                            • MENA (Middle East News Agency)


                            • UNRWA


                            • Women's Affairs Technical Committee


                            • Institute for Women's Policy Research


                            • The World Bank


                            • UNICEF House


                            • UNESCO


                            • UNDP


                            • UNIFEM


                            • UNRISD (UN Research Institute for Social Development)


                            • UN Women Watch


                            • UN Human Rights

                            • WEDO (Women's Environment and Development Organization)






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